Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How I Survived Hurricane Bing

RedSunRover and I were on our best behavior this weekend as a highly volatile storm system - now classified as a Category 6 on the domestic scale of storm fronts - descended on our tiny apartment. In other words, Mama and Papa Bing (The Parents) came for a little visit.

I am happy to report I survived the weekend with only a few mental bruises and elbow scrapes.

Before I recap the weekend, allow me to shed some light on a few factoids:
1. RedSun is the only child and Erin is the eldest of two siblings.
2. RedSun is Asian; Erin's roots are of a feisty Irish/German persuasion.
3. Erin is a neat freak.
4. RedSun has a more "relaxed" approach to what qualifies as clean.
5. Erin grew up staging stuffed animal weddings and fake church ceremonies in the heartland of Wisconsin; RedSun grew up experimenting with firecrackers on the mean streets of Memphis.
6. RedSun's parents call every couple of days; Erin's parents call once every two to three weeks.
7. RedSun will eat anything, including rice every day of the week; Erin follows a strict diet of cheese, milk, bagels and meat. Repeat.

To be continued....

(photo via This Is Glamorous)

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angie m. said...

Wow, it must have been worse than the hostile South Dakota takeover...