Friday, September 5, 2008


Later kids -- I'm outta this City for an extended vacay in America's Dairy Land. As luck would have it, I'm going to hit both my hometown's annual Dairy Fest and the football season opener. Not too shabby. 

My sister made fun of me today for sounding British on the phone -- maybe I'm unconsciously trying to counteract my bumpkin accent ("Well, I reeally doan't knoa what to saaey...") Or maybe it's because I'm reading Mansfield Park for the second time around. So I made a point to daintily clutch RedSun's arm earlier today, saying very aristocratically, "Let us venture forth into this street."

(Thanks Uncle Bob for the photo)


Kathleen said...

DUDE. If there is a dairy fest t-shirt, will you buy me one? THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. I will pay you back.

Erin Hendricks said...

Haha sure thing!