Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Joel's Super Fun Time Weblog

Now here's an artist one can admire and respect. This post goes out to Joel Ross, founder of Happy Joel's Super Fun Time Weblog and professional contest entry winner at large. Allow me to explain. Joel likes entering online video contests. After winning a few $100K contests, he decided to turn it into his day job. And the videos are pretty out there. I'd describe them as cult classics best enjoyed by those who embody great whimsy and flair (i.e. myself, Ms. Peep Show Hall-a-Thon, hired publicist of Joe Samsonite). At the very least, I would recommend these videos to groups of people on Speed or some other mind-altering substance (not that I endorse such measures, but hey, this is America).

I'll let you decide for yourself.

According to his site, Joel lived in Dayton, Ohio, until the age of 18. He works on an average of 7-8 contests at a time - some involving monetary prizes, others a lifetime supply of chocolate milk.

The way I see it, learning to get people to vote for me in online video contests and building my contest army is just to pave the way for my eventual run for President of the United States.

Click my links, join my contest voting army, help me live the dream.
One of my co-workers knows Happy Joel and told me the story behind these mug shots. Once a cop tried pulling Joel over for speeding. Joel wanted to wait until he reached town because he heard it was dangerous to stop for one car in a rural area* Eventually, an entire squad of police cars followed him into town on a low speed chase. When he got out of his car, the cops said something to the effect of "What happened?" Then they all burst into laughter.

*The rule is to not pull over for unmarked police cars in rural areas, and to dial #77 when doing so.

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