Friday, August 8, 2008

Nostalgia. Gets me every time.

This photo beautifully captures the essence of life on Bedlam Farm, a blog written by Slate contributor Jon Katz. I check his blog constantly for daily updates on three adorable pups: Lenore (pictured here), Rose and Izzy. Katz, also a Random House author, spends a great deal of time exploring the personalities of Lenore, the Lover, Rose, the Workaholic, and Izzy, the Healer.

As I do not have A) the time B) the money or C) the space for a dog in the City, I have decided to live vicariously through Katz's blog. And dog sitting jobs. Side note: A few weeks ago, I read John Grogan's Marley and Me. You would have thought I was reading about AIDS orphans in Africa, the way I carried on like a wee baby during the sad parts. Now this may come as a shock, but I also cried while watching Air Bud a few years ago.

To read the backstory of Lenore the Lab and Brutus the Ram, click here.

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