Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Does This Make Me a Bad "Working Girl" ?

This is a response to "Bored On a Summer Friday," brought to you by the awesome bloggers of Working Girl. Their blog encompasses everything job newbies need to know about entering the work force, from networking to annoying people in your cube space to office hangovers. I love it!

Now the "Summer Friday" post explores a very interesting tally of websites for whiling away a sluggish workday. One such site, Gawker Stalker, is A-Okay in my book. It's a definite ego boost to know the celebs think your neighborhood is the place to be and be seen. But why is it the fashionista sites Jezebel and FabSugar just don't light my fire? Maybe it's because I'd rather be checking ESPN.com and the stock market (google+"UNG") every five minutes? Bad Working Girl I? Guilty as charged.

Exhibit A: Fabulous Working Girl - chic, sophisticated, stiletto wearing martini drinker

Exhibit B: Me - rider of sheep, ripped jeans, beer chugging awesomeness

1 comment:

Angie M said...

Don't forget ketchup-shot-taking hardcore-ness!