Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where the Cup Runneth Over Since 1854

Take a close look at this photo. See if you can find the following objects: 

1. A small statue of JFK's head. 
2. A "Wanted" poster for Abe Lincoln's assassin. 
3. Bulbous objects resembling tribal masks
4. A skeleton*
5. An orb*

6. A metal tripod that could be something straight out of the Titanic. It's just as old and covered in 3 inches of dust. The small objects dangling from this rod are wishbones. Legend has it several soldiers left these bones here -McSorley's Old Ale House - before leaving for WWII. The remaining wishbones represent those who did not survive the war to retrieve their bone. 

Of the million and one places in Manhattan to lose oneself in sweet toxic juices, I ended up at McSorley's Saturday night - the oldest bar in New York. Apparently they had quite the basement operation going when Prohibition was in full swing. Also, women were not admitted to the bar until 1970 when a Supreme Court ruling upended this restriction. When ordering a drink, one only needs to say "light" (ale) or "dark" (ale). For $4.50 they give you two mugs right off the bat. This joint was packed and bustling on Saturday; definitely the place to be if you're rambling around the East Village some evening looking to quench your thirst. 

*Trick questions. The "skeleton" is actually a window shade and the "orb" is a real light. 


Angie said...

Cool place! Perhaps if I get to NYC before you move, we will have to go there.

Tamela918 said...

I love McSorleys! let's go sometime :)

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