Sunday, January 18, 2009


Subzero temperatures, a failing economy and cabin fever can only lead to one thing: Staycation!

Of course, we wouldn't dare leave Chewy behind.

RedSunRover and I spent Saturday night at Gild Hall in the Financial District. I was very impressed by the lodge-like lobby and Old English vibe. Deer horns on the ceiling reminded me of a decked out version of my family's hunting shack in Wisconsin (minus the outhouse). RedSun and I rented a Western flick and ordered in Dominos as any high roller guest would do ;)  My only complaint was that their restaurant was closed off for breakfast Sunday morn. No attempts were made by the Concierge to make their guests happy when we expressed our discontent at checkout. Too bad...this place was SO close to getting my seal of approval. My deprived stomach overrules over anything else in this decision making process. At least I have my cowboys (Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen) to think back on with fondness. 


Chewy said...

It's hard to tell from this picture, but I'm actually fast asleep here.

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