Saturday, January 3, 2009

Princess Week

The first week of January shall henceforth be known as "Princess Week."

Two years ago - New Years Eve 2006 - I experienced a life-changing New Years holiday. It's not a day I remember with fondness. I spent most of the night hostessing at the lovely local Red Lobster establishment. Later that evening, I got stood up. A Syracuse "townie," of all people. I watched the ball drop from my couch, then turned in a few minutes later madder than ever.  As I've mentioned before, this was the catalyst which inspired me to move to New York (you can thank this boy for my blog). Whereas the poor guy, two months after standing me up, totaled his truck and got a DUI.
Okay, so about Princess Week - it started off a little shaky, but eventually gained momentum. I caught a horrible stomach virus in Atlanta four hours before my flight was supposed to take off. I'm sure you've been there. We're talking stomach flu where it feels like an animal is literally eating your insides. I couldn't eat anything but saltines and Sprite until Tuesday. When I got home, however, I only had to work one day because New Years Day was approaching. I was catsitting for my aunt and uncle at their expansive Upper West Side apartment. Cue many hours spent playing Nintendo Wii Mario Kart and watching such cable TV reality gems as "Platinum Weddings" and "What Not to Wear." 

My current boyfriend and I spent our New Years Eve/one year anniversary at Capitale, an investment bank-turned-fancy event venue with high vaulted ceilings and crests etched in all corners.  We spent three hours yesterday at Silk Day Spa getting deep tissue massages and sitting in the steam baths. After the spa we headed to Roth's Steakhouse for surf and turf. 

Who's laughing now?


Kathleen said...

You were in Atlanta and you didn't call me??? You ho. ;)

The new Angie Davis :-) said...

Wow, that place looks awesome!!!

Erin Hendricks said...

Haha, Sorry KPoe, I guess that makes me a hoe. To be fair, I was only physically well four out of the six

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