Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Falling Acid

Last week a few drops of "acid" fell on my head while waiting for a train in the subway station. Good omen or bad, I ask?

Good... I think.

The mysterious fluid-like substance dripped from the ceiling and smelled of rotting cabbage. I guess this is to be expected considering its source. BUT, it almost fell on my head and didn't. I happened to be covering my ears (two loud express trains were going through), and the drops only hit my hands. So instead of the drops falling into my eye and causing permanent blindness, I had really smelly hands. Bad stenches I can handle, blindness not so much.

I understand how carried away this might sound, but this is falling acid, people! Who knows where that water came from or what it passed through before reaching my hand *shudder*
Funny - I can spend 10 days in the woods and not desire a shower, but this geyser of foul water falls on me and it's pretty much the end of the world. It's the same with beetles vs. roaches: I can squish beetles with a tiny piece of toilet paper, but I can't even look at a dead roach without screeching like a murder victim.

Cities are the worst kind of dirty.