Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dear Readers, 
Whoever you are, and wherever you are, my apologies for this huge lapse of posting in the blogger space continuum. I owe you a quick update as to what has been occupying so much of my time these last few weeks:

1. I got laid off. And then hired. Long story.
2. I went on LinkedIn and started "friending" anyone who lives in NYC and has ever attended Syracuse University. My search yielded about 30 page results. Sadly, a lot of people picked the "I don't know this person" response. So many that LinkedIn placed my account on probation. Any more networking stunts and they'll shut down my account for good (or so the LinkedIn gods tell me).
3. Going on interviews and nearly slipping in high-heeled shoes twice (once in Port Authority, once while running across the street in the rain). Screw heels.
4. Taking naps.
5. Making mixed cd's for family members using my excellent selection prowess.
6. Listening to Katy Perry's I KISSED A GIRL over and over and over.
7. Buying a coffee maker, which has already paid for itself. 
8. Learning to make a perfectly concocted pot of coffee.
9. Reading NO ANGEL by Penny Vincenzi. Great story, intricately-woven...but riddled with typographical errors in nearly every chapter. I was tempted to mark the mistakes with red pen and then send the book back to Overlook Press (ironic name for a publishing house?).  I've just started Roberto Bolano's THE SAVAGE DETECTIVES. Dirty. Scarily good.
10. Spending my days wrapped in blankets reading books and eating cookies - the apartment is drafty. 
11. Making a (half-hearted) attempt at going to the gym more. 
12. Watching NetFlix classics like THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING. Daniel Day-Lewis gives me shivers.
13. Making lists, because that's pretty much the epitome of fun (!)
14. Visited my old publishing office haunt and read this witty description of myself: "Most New Yorkers found her fresh-faced Midwestern outlook very charming." *twinkle*
15. Improving my culinary skills with each new day of unemployment. 
16. Looking for the slightest thunderbolt of creativity for a blog post. 


Elyse said...

Hey lady ... did you get any of those jobs you had applied for? I hope you're doing well!

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